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A Global Rover website
So, you've made it to my little Land Rover and 101 Forward Control site, welcome.  This isn't really anything more than an electronic photograph album containing pictures and some streaming video of our Landies plus various outings, meetings and Land Rover events.

It's obviously very biased toward the Land Rover 101 Forward Control, and for this I make no excuses.

This is a personal site and one which has 'evolved' over time, so please don't expect everything to look the same or to follow the same structure.  If you spot anything which doesn't work as you think it should, notice any slepping orrers or have any comments to make about this site, please send me an email: m@101fc.net

All views expressed are mine unless anyone else claims they're theirs.  All trademarks are acknowledged and I've tried very hard not to nick anyones ideas without giving them credit.

This site is best viewed with a computer and a monitor :-)

NEW: LPG Discovery For Sale - to make way for another 101 :-)

Shows & Events
Driffield 2008 - Driffield   Pics mainly from the froad outing...
NEW Added 19-05-2008

Shakespeare UNOFFICIAL 2006 - Harrods Farm   Everything you'd expect for a superb weekend gathering, and much, much more...
Added 24-04-2006

UNOFFICIAL 2005 - Wales   As good as it gets, superb weather, muddy offroading and great company
Added 18-10-2005

Land Rover Fest 2005 - Peterborough   Wet weather, good company
Added 19-09-2005

LRO Show 2005 - Malvern   Good weather, good company and a little madness
Added 30-08-2005

LRW Show 2005 - Eastnor Castle   Hot! and a chance to meet old and new friends
Added 25-06-2005

LRO Spring Adventuare - Driffield   A GLASS or two with friends
Added 03-06-2005

3rd UK UNOFFICIAL 2005 - County Durham   Superb - simply superb...
Added 11-05-2005

Marque Day 2005 - Gaydon   Members of our club turn out in force
Added 03-05-2005

LRW Show 2004 - Eastnor Castle   nice break - of transfer box...

ARC National 2004 - Matlock   As always, the National!

2nd UK Northern UNOFFICIAL 2004 - County Durham - UK   The second highly successful 'unofficial' gathering of 101s

LRO Spring Adventure 2004 - Driffield   The second Spring Adventure, and getting better. Much better.

Marque Day 2004 - Gaydon   There couldn't have been a better start to the season!

LRO Show 2003 - Peterborough   A new show, and a nice close to the season
Added 16-09-2003

All Rover Weekend 2003 - Stoneleigh   Fun for all, and letting off some steam...
Added 16-09-2003

LRE Show 2003 - Billing   As always, Billing was, well, Billing!...
Added 21-07-2003

LRW Show 2003 - Eastnor Castle   Good weather, good company, good vehicles, and some...
Added 23-06-2003

Unofficial 101 gathering! - County Durham   Loads of pics and some vids of a quite remarkable event!
Added 02-06-2003

ARC National 2003 - Loversall   A few pics of the superb 'National' 2003
Added 25-05-2003

LRO Spring Adventure 2003 - Bramham Park   Pics and vids taken at this new event
Added 18-05-2003 VIDEO

Marque Day 2003 - Gaydon 2003   A few pics and a couple of timelapse vids taken at the annual Land Rover Marque Day, May 2003.
Added 05-05-2003 VIDEO

Indoor 4X4 Show 2003 - Let's twist!   A few pics taken at the Indoor 4X4 Show at Donnington Park, February 2003.  A true feast of axle articulation...
Added 01-04-2003

All Rover Weekend 2002 - Stoneleigh
August 24th - 26th 2002
Only pics at present,
including some from the air!
Added 10-11-2002

LRE Show 2002 - Billing
July 19th - 21st 2002
Only pics at present, vids and text to follow
Added 19-08-2002

LRW Show 2002 - Eastnor Castle   21st-22nd June.  Super vehicles, super company and Grumble got muddy!
Added 26-06-2002

Marque Day - Gaydon 2002   Pics and some video of the Land Rover Marque Day - Sunday 5th May.  Obviously very 101 orientated :-)
Added 07-05-2002 VIDEO

Indoor 4X4 Show 2002 - 3 bright 101s!   A few pics taken at the Indoor 4X4 Show at Donnington Park, February 2002.  A rare opportunity to see three brightly coloured 101 Ambis!
Added 11-02-2002

Stoneleigh 2001 Some pics of the LROI show at Stoneleigh NAC
added 12-09-2001

Billing 2001 pics and streaming video of the LRE show at Billing
added 24-07-2001 VIDEO
Grumble Stuff
GRUMble All about our beloved 101 expedition camper :-)

Grumble Gets "AIRCON" - Well, sort of, partly!
22 July 2006

Grumble gets some new wheels - Thomlinson and Bailey go mad on rubber (and some...)   The story of two complete lunatics and two very impressive Engineers.
Added 25-03-2002

BANG! - Grumble blows an engine   tears...
Added 01-02-2002

Grumble PAS Conversion - Did this last year and have only just got around to putting the pics up!
Added 20-02-2002

Stretched 101 Just an idea...
Added 16-12-2001

Old Archive of pics (200+) from June to October 2000
Added 30-10-2000

101 Club Meets
101 Club AGM 2001 - Solihull
Added 27-02-2002

101 Club SGM 2001 - Gaydon
added 21-04-2001

101 Club AGM 2000 - Gaydon
added 21-10-2000

Our other Landies

ZIGGY the Series III
Updated 30-03-2003

OFFROADish in Derbyshire IV - 2 101s and a couple of Series vehicles get muddy
Added 14-01-2002 VIDEO

OFFROADish in Derbyshire III - The vids are the best!
Added 09-12-2001 VIDEO

OFFROADish in Derbyshire II
Added 01-12-2001 VIDEO

OFFROADish in Derbyshire
Added 14-01-2001 VIDEO

Everything else
6X6 - Kevin visits!
January 5th 2003
At last, the beasts meet
Added 05-01-2003

Kent 2002 - August   Pics of a short break to the Garden of England - 13th-20th August.
Added 30-03-2003

Eire 2002 - Ireland   Pics of our escape to the Emerald Isle - 25th-31st May.  Grumble was the star!
Added 02-06-2002

(Sheffield to) London to Brighton 2001 A real 'Curates Egg' of a day...
added 24-09-2001

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Grumble at Marque Day 2002 - Picture courtesy of Martin Lewis, click for more...
Grumble at Marque Day 2002
Picture courtesy of Martin Lewis

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30th Anniversary
1975 - 2005

The British Joint Services
West East Sahara Expedition
30th Anniversary of West East Sahara Expedition

2004 Iceland Expedition Iceland 2004
400+ pics from Roger Hill-Cottingham taken July-August Roger, Rich Clafton (Tiggurr), Graeme and Fresca spent 4 weeks exploring the beautiful and incredible island paradise of Iceland.

Special Photo Feature - Russell Hall overland to Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Overland

Some stunning photographs of Russell Halls series 3 LWB overland expedition from Sheffield to Zimbabwe.

Absent Friends

Norman Busby - Mr 101
Norman Busby
"Mr 101"

Christopher Savidge
Chris Savidge

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