Grumble PAS Conversion

These pictures mainly show the mounting of the Discovery 4 bolt PAS box
This box was later replaced as it was leaking, with a recon box
from Paddock spares in Matlock.  Bleeding the box can
be an issue as it's placed on its side.

Quick 'how to':
Remove bumper and floor under driver.
Remove old steering box, don't worry about 'pullers', but be careful
as the old box may be rebuilt for a 'traditionalist' if undamaged.
Cut a "V" in the front outrigger and strengthen (the new section is
probably much stronger than before!).
Mount box as shown, with drop arm through "V"
Cut draglink & weld onto drop arm thread (you still
have enough thread on the other end to adjust wheel alignment)
Run hydraulic pipes around, under and back to the pump.

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