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Spend a Penny!

I inherited a large number of bullion bags full of old coins following the death of my uncle last year. One of these bags has now been opened and I thought it may be a good fundraising exercise, given the bag contains mint 1966 One Penny coins, to flog them off via eBay.

ALL of the dosh will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society - quite fitting really as my aunt is in the final stages of dementia and has been living in a care home since my uncle died.

Essentially, whatever the excuse - 40th Anniversary of England winning the World Cup, celebrating the year the 101 was first sketched out on a scrap of paper somewhere in Solihull - you're making a donation to the Alzheimer's Society - which is a very, very worthy cause, and getting a free, uncirculated, untouched mint condition Penny to thank you :-)

My aim, having put 1,966 of them on eBay is to raise...

... £1,966 pounds. Please click the 'buy it now', and I'll shower you with praise RIGHT HERE :-)

I've had a number of questions from people who'd prefer not to pay with PayPal.
This is actually quite good as it helps raise a little more by saving the PayPal fees.

You can order direct by sending a cheque (drawn on a UK bank or building society) to:

Martyn Bailey - Poggle Wood - One Parkfield Place - Sheffield - S2 4TH

Please mark your envolope "Charity Penny" and state how you would like your name credited.

You can also 'Buy it Now' on eBay - but don't pay there and then.
I can generate an 'invoice' from eBay, just send me a cheque.

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1966 One Penny - Back

1966 One Penny - Front

1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag

This is a charity fundraising auction.

All profits will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of England winning the World Cup in 1966

A rare opportunity to buy a MINT 1966 One Penny coin.

There are 1,966 lots – all taken from a bullion bag of One Penny coins delivered to the (then) Midland Bank in 1966 – I can guarantee that none of these coins has ever been handled. They were machine loaded into the bullion bags and sealed with a pressed lead seal – until opened (yet left untouched) in 2006.

1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag  1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag

1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag  1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag

The ideal lucky charm to help Sven and the England squad

Coins will be dispatched in a sealed polythene bag inside the envelope. All handling and packaging will be whilst wearing jeweller’s cotton gloves to ensure that you will be the first person ever to touch the coin.

1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag  1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag

1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag  1966 One Penny - Bullion Bag


The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading care and research charity for people with dementia, their families and carers.