UNOFFICIAL - Wales 2005

15 - 16 October 2005

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Credits and backslaps...

First, a moan about the Welsh... :-)

As we arrived in Wales, over the Severn Bridge approaching the Toll booths
we were ready to part company with the £9.60 as previous experience of
Toll booths is that they'll charge us as a 'van' regardless of what they should charge us.

The young lady in the booth seemed confused, I suggested DVLA probably have us down as
a Series 3 Land Rover, she didn't acknowledge this, but instead, got out of the booth
and asked to see in the back...  Fine, I opened the back of Grumble and she had a look,
turned to me (ignoring the now substantial queue behind us) and commented how nice it was inside.

"It shows on my screen as a campervan" she said. "I wanted to double check,
you don't need to pay as much you see..." I was speechless, she wanted to charge us less (£4.80).

Had this been almost anywhere else, some officious jobsworth would have just insisted we pay
the maximum possible, "Welcome to Wales" was her parting comment. I said I'd mention her on the site :-)

How dare the Welsh have such nice people, along with clean air, superb scenery, quaint little
traditional villages...

Anyway, after an 8 hour drive from Sheffield (via a village called "Login" which I really couldn't
resist being a techie an all...) we arrived at the Trefach Country Pub and Caravan Park, our Bass camp
for the weekend (which is a sort of 'in joke, as there was also a weekend rave party going on!)

The next morning was glorious, bright sunshine and more like mid summer than mid October.
We eventually set off for the days offroading at K-Quads

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