Land Rover
Marque Day
Heritage Motor Centre
5th May 2002

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Some pics - 112 of them actually and a few clips of streaming video from the Land Rover Marque day and Cavalcade on Sunday 5th May 2002.  As you navigate through the pages, click the thumbnail image to see a higher resolution 800x600 enlargement.  As always, the original (very) high resolution images can be found (with the same filename) in the originals directory.  Be warned, I've got a new digital camera (Fuji Finepix 40i) and the image size is around 1.8MB each in 2400x1800 resolution!


The Cavalcade! - Pics of the Annual run from Lode Lane to Gaydon.
101 Club Stand - Superb turnout and a good mix of vehicles.
Presentation to Christopher Savidge (Snr) - ARC Presentation to Chris and Bonny by Denis Bourne.
Grumble - Goes back to the Future!
Variousness - odd stuff which doesn't fit into any other category!
How do they do that? - Ever wondered how Land Rover get the cars up on their display bridge?
Everything - All the pics, in one very, very long page of thumbnails!

101 Club Stand - sweep around the excellent 101 Club Stand (4,789KB)
I wish to register a complaint - Clafton and Bailey go to doorstep LRM Magazine (3,591KB)
Presentation to Chris Savidge - ARC Presentation to Chris by Denis Bourne (8,974KB)
Presentation to Bonny Savidge - ARC Presentation to Bonny by Denis Bourne (1,937KB)

Click HERE to go see some superb pics taken by Martin Lewis at the Marque Day

Sadly I still haven't found a way to convert the .asf files from my Sharp digital video camera to anything accessible on different machines, so you'll have to have Micro$oft Windoze Media Player to view them :-(

Finally, may I please remind certain bone idle journalists that all material on this site is COPYRIGHT - if you're too lazy to drop me an email to ask if you can use any of the material here then I'll send you a bill again.  Courtesy costs nothing and I'll usually say yes anyway.  With immediate effect ANY unauthorised commercial reproduction of my work will be subject to a charge of £1000 - which will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society - you have been warned!

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