Iceland 2004

July - August 2004

The following pages contain 400 odd pictures from the long awaited trip to Iceland
by Roger Hill-Cottingham (Magazine Editor for Six Stud, the 101 Club Newsletter)
"It's why I got the truck" quipped Roger, with a grin the size of Dorset, before
leaving the LRE Show at Billing early in order to drive overnight to the ferry terminal.

Roger, Rich Clafton, Graeme and Fresca spent the best part of 4 weeks driving
the beautiful and incredible island paradise of Iceland (the B********!),
I had planned to go too, but "RL" (TM) got in the way...

Unlike other photographs at, the copyright of these belongs to Roger.
Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited.  Contact me if you'd like to
use any of them for whatever purpose and I'll pass the request on to Roger.

The filename structure has been altered slightly from the originals Roger gave me.
The main difference is the date marker and initials prefixing the 'nnn'.jpg - which
remains the same as the original filename.  Enjoy!

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