Land Rover Fest
Peterborough 2005

East of England Showground
10 - 11 September

The first 'non magazine' show (fairly long story as to why)
but to be honest, I doubt anyone really noticed, or cared...

A part of the pre-text for this show was the saga of Simon and Dawns new 101
Purchased the weekend before from Tim Hobbs, there were, it has to be said, a few
teething problems, which led to new toy living outside Poggle Wood for a few days!

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A fair amount of work on the Tuesday evening, Simon set off
for home... ... and made it as far as the M18...

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Recovery trucks are very economical on fuel!
Simon spent a fair amount of time fiddling, and arrived in style
on the Thursday evening. I took it for a quick spin around the showground
and have to admit to it being 'fixed'.

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Pretty soonish on the Friday we were assembling the stand, including
the return of 'sillybigtent', last seen at Gaydon, last used when
Simon and Dawn got wed (ah, bless...)

Simon had also built a Heath Robinson BBQ...

lrfest2005-012.JPG (160652 bytes) lrfest2005-013.JPG (157850 bytes) lrfest2005-014.JPG (149952 bytes)
Now bear in mind that the vehicle behind, with the 'wings'
has Petrol, Diesel, Propane, Butane (and occasionally, Methane)
on board, setting up the BBQ so close may not have been a good plan!

lrfest2005-015.JPG (247909 bytes) lrfest2005-016.JPG (271577 bytes)
lrfest2005-017.JPG (259777 bytes) lrfest2005-018.JPG (176720 bytes)
The 'sillybigtent' was most welcome (thanks Simon!) because the weather
decided to take control, and it rained, lots...

lrfest2005-019.JPG (199842 bytes)
The DOC haven!

lrfest2005-020.JPG (306314 bytes) lrfest2005-021.JPG (240466 bytes) lrfest2005-022.JPG (283879 bytes)
lrfest2005-023.JPG (261058 bytes) lrfest2005-024.JPG (231236 bytes) lrfest2005-025.JPG (310406 bytes)
Meanwhile, back on the club stand, young Master Munro
was getting to grips with the brolly...

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lrfest2005-028.JPG (311036 bytes) lrfest2005-029.JPG (313483 bytes)
And at least one Landie was getting to play in the mud!

lrfest2005-030.JPG (207117 bytes) lrfest2005-031.JPG (230224 bytes)
Alasdairs new paint job - now the thing with gloss, you see...
(especially if you've shotblasted first with bricks and pebbles)
is that it shows up every single, little imperfection in the panels :-)

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The rest of the show was pretty much spent in sillybigtent,
we ate off the BBQ, drank strange and odd brews, and had a nap...

Traditionally, Charlotte, Max and I usually go off for a little
canal relief at the end of show season, for those sad enough to
want to know more, the pics are here.