Series III 88" SWB
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January 2005

The latest member of the family, Ziggy moved in
on the 15th March 2001, which is a rather happy
date as it marks 1 year to the day that our Max
came to live with us too...  Ziggy, to be blunt
"needs some attention".  Having said that, main
bits like chassis and engine are fine, as seems
to be the case with the overdrive and most real
costly stuff to fix but Ziggy needs a scrubbing
and repaint, brakes, some welding and the like,
so basically is a very normal, 1975 Land Rover!

Photographs in a 'web friendlier' resolution of
640X480, some of the detail has been lost (this
is especially true for the thumbnails!) so I've
left the originals here in a plain directory in
case anyone is sad enough to want them!  Martyn

RESTORATION ARCHIVES:  Saturday 17th March 2001
                       Thursday 22nd March 2001
                         Friday 27th April 2001
                        Wednesday 30th May 2001
                 Taking the top off August 2001
                    Finishing off - August 2002

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