T68i meets a
101 Forward Control


The following scenes may disturb those of
a technical disposition, those who do not
like gratuitous violence, and those who
believe we should worship technology...


(Click thumbnail for larger screenshot from the video)

The History...

My Sony Ericsson T68i
Superb style, games, Diary,
GPRS, WAP, SMS, Colour screen
and a whole host of other features.
(all of which I don't want or need)

t68i-01.jpg (37953 bytes)

Sadly for me, it refused to make or receive
"telephone calls" on a regularly annoying basis.

The trained chimps at the suppliers, who I shall not
name, but it sounds something like Coldsore Whorehouse
were, to be fair, a totally useless bunch of clueless
tossers who were too sales driven to give a flying %$&*
about any degree of 'customer service'.

In short, I'd had enough.  I lost my temper and
decided the best thing for all concerned was to put the
poor thing out of my misery ;-)

So I drove over it in my truck.

t68i-02.jpg (38417 bytes) t68i-03.jpg (30691 bytes) t68i-04.jpg (30691 bytes)

Incredibly, the damn thing survived!
(must have been the felt, best remove that)

t68i-05.jpg (39616 bytes)

Nope, best put a brick on it
and drive over it again...

t68i-06.jpg (59380 bytes)

By this point I was wondering
if this was indeed the true

Right, wedge it in the front tread...

t68i-07.jpg (48927 bytes) t68i-08.jpg (50150 bytes)
t68i-09.jpg (40400 bytes)
And again...

t68i-10.jpg (41578 bytes)
One more time
(for luck)

t68i-11.jpg (54972 bytes) t68i-12.jpg (58113 bytes)

Oh yes...
Drive over it just
a little bit more...

t68i-13.jpg (44804 bytes) t68i-14.jpg (40173 bytes)

And just to make sure...

t68i-15.jpg (53071 bytes) t68i-16.jpg (60422 bytes)
t68i-17.jpg (50102 bytes)

That's better!

t68i-18.jpg (58668 bytes)

See the movie (RealMedia) by clicking:
HERE for the 'edit'. (9meg)
HERE for the full version. (22meg)

The remains were auctioned on eBay
and raised £5 for the Alzheimer's Society