101 FCC&R AGM 2000

These are some pics I took at the 101 Forward Control Club and Register
AGM on 21st October 2000.  Not many of the 'Members' I'm afraid, but I
thought it would have been impolite to start snapping at people during the business
of the meeting and as we arrived late and left early, didn't have any other
opportunity to find out who-was-who, sadly.

Anyway, if you were there, cheers!

Thanks also to the Officers and Committee - a thankless task if ever there was one
but as far as enthusiast clubs go, the 101fcc&r is pretty good in my opinion.

Go see them at: www.101club.org.uk

Pics are variously of 101s in the car park, some of the Land Rover exhibits at
the superb Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon (Warwick) - yes, including the
101 Judge Dredd Dunsfold conversion, Pink Panthers and a lightweight that has
convinced James (mi best pal) that life simply isn't life without a Landie!

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