Shakespeare Unofficial 2006

22nd - 23rd April 2006

Harrods Farm

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Arriving at dusk after a little chat with the SatNav we set up camp
had a quick munch off the already functioning barbie Simon had going
then all retired to the barn of a few drinks and, it must be said, a
rather superb 'pub quiz' that Simon had prepared earier.

Following some rather spectacular cheating it was a close thing and
although Charlotte and I would probably have won, we let someone else get
more points in the true spirit of the Green Oval... (Ed: we lost!!!).

Up bright and EARLY the next morning, we set off for a drive in the country
stopping off to get a new battery for Simon, before going to a village for
a coffee top-up and cakes...

In the village is a replica of the village, a model village. In the model
village is a model of the model village... erm...

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Emma and Graham
Our (perfect) hosts.

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