ARC National 2003

Back to the home of Matt Lee
(maker of the wheels on Grumble)
for the Association of Rover Clubs
National Rally - 2003

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Some nice muddy pics from Kevin and Jackie

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It seems only fair, having nabbed Bob from LRM
last weekend at Bramham, that I should also get
a few pics of one of the very few remaining
"real journalists" on the Land Rover comic scene...
Frank Elson - also from LRM, pictured here in
the beer tent, (where else, eh, Frank?)
It's no secret that I have a lot of time for Frank :-)

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This very unusual 'special' from Germany turned up and blew me away
on the Fridfay evening. A true Defender 155 (see their registration plate!)

101 Club Stand

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As always, we arrived early and set up our stall...

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Kevin and Jackie arrived early (very) the next morning
Note the pot on Kevins leg - as a result of a tangle with some
welding bottles a few weeks or so ago!

Add The superb new purchase by Peter and Paul Snelling
(And a welcome to them as new members of the 101 club)
arc-2003-010.jpg (176033 bytes) arc-2003-018.jpg (166029 bytes) arc-2003-011.jpg (173849 bytes)
Note the three levers in the middle? Winch, Hi-Lo AND overdrive!
They win the award for best recent purchase as far as I'm concerned!

arc-2003-007.jpg (151719 bytes) arc-2003-008.jpg (157323 bytes)
Met up with Phil Douglas again, and the chap with
the smashing silver Radio Bodied 101 who (hint) forgot
to renew his membership... ;-)

Then it started to rain, and
EVERYONE started getting a
bit stuck in the mud!
arc-2003-009.jpg (164269 bytes)

arc-2003-012.jpg (133930 bytes)
A Moggy - with less room
in the back than Grumble!

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