LRO Show

26 - 28 August 2005

Dusk over the Malvern hills

First things first...
If any of the organisers should read this...
...well done!

Nice venue, friendly staff, clean toilets, hot showers (showers and toilets cleaned with remarkable frequency) all bins emptied almost hourly, huge team of litter pickers, non-fussy atmosphere - and we didn't get the feeling the entire reason for the show was to part us from our money.   Other show organisers please note - this show has set a standard, should you fail to meet it, we'll be voting with our feet (alright, tyres...).

Yes it was 'quiet' compared to some other shows, but I've no doubt that it'll get busier once people realise how nice a show can be compared to the circus that some other shows have become.

Food and Friends
Food and Friends
As always, a good chance to catch up with friends old and new whilst relaxing and playing. Oh, some nice motors, too
The Centre Steer
Missing Link
off to play
other scenes from the show