FCC&R SGM 21st April 2001

I'm very pleased to say that the club SGM really was a most
worthwhile event, not only in 'business' terms, but perhaps
more because I actually got to meet some faces behind those
e-mail addresses!  This is especially true for: John Bailey
and Rich Clafton, both regular contributors to the 'Usenet'
group alt.fan.landrover, the (now yahoo-groups) 101 e-group
mailing list and numerous e-mails!  Most of the 'aftermeet'
was spent looking over Rich Claftons' excellent Tiggurr 101
Ambulance 'expedition', a very fine job Rich, which has now
remotivated me to get to grips with Grumble my own Ambi :-)

Click thumbnails for larger, web friendly 640X480 pics. The
originals, slightly, erm larger, are available in directory
listing format (i.e.; no html presentation) here.          

There's also a few .asf vids available here although you'll
you'll need a Micro$oft machine to view them... :-(        

car-park.jpg (301008 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-01.jpg (317860 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-02.jpg (320190 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-03.jpg (316292 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-04.jpg (318416 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-05.jpg (312930 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-06.jpg (315391 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-07.jpg (309818 bytes) innurr-tiggurr-08.jpg (326665 bytes) outurr-tiggurr-01.jpg (320709 bytes) outurr-tiggurr-02.jpg (311453 bytes) outurr-tigurr-03.jpg (315218 bytes) undeurr-tiggurr-01.jpg (305093 bytes) undeurr-tiggurr-02.jpg (308460 bytes) undeurr-tiggurr-03.jpg (310577 bytes) undeurr-tiggurr-04.jpg (311787 bytes) undeurr-tiggurr-05.jpg (316689 bytes) various-01.jpg (318446 bytes) various-02.jpg (325507 bytes) various-03.jpg (310281 bytes) various-04.jpg (314237 bytes) various-05.jpg (315532 bytes) various-06.jpg (310536 bytes) various-07.jpg (308158 bytes) various-08.jpg (319250 bytes) various-09.jpg (341201 bytes)