Russell Hall

Odd, isn't it...

You gradually get to know people all the time, then on the odd occasion you mention a passing interest in Land Rovers and suddenly, you find yourself entering a totally different world - united in mud and oil...

This happened to me recently whilst chatting to another local businessman here in Sheffield.  Russell had previously mentioned, in passing, that he'd driven a Series 3 from the UK to Zimbabwe in 1989/1990 and he'd happily show me some pics if I was interested and ever had time.

So I 'made' some time by skipping off work early.  I wasn't fully prepared for the experience and after a couple of hours, left with jaw dragging along the pavement...

The following are a small selection of some pics Russell kindly burnt onto a CD - used here with his permission.

Please Note: Unlike any of the other pics here, the copyright for these and on the following pages belongs to Russell Hall.  Please contact me directly should you wish to use any and I'll pass the request on to Russell.

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