LRO Show 2003

East of England Showground
6th - 7th September 2003

We weren't intending to do this show,
however a last minute change of plan to
our Annual Leave arrangements meant we
were free to attend (long, long story).

Sadly the 101 Club were only allocated a very (very)
small pitch, which was further encroached upon by
'another' club - oh well, that's the nature of
Land Rover shows :-)

It was a shame though, as this was the last show to
be organised by Steve 'Gully' Gulliford, the 101 Club
events officer.  Steve has done the job for three years
now whilst seeing a change in his family life, and also
being 'away on business' for a couple of extended periods.

peterborough-2003-007.jpg (143224 bytes) peterborough-2003-006.jpg (113988 bytes)

Not to be put off, we parked Grumble nearby and were soon
joined by Tim, Mandy, Charlotte (x2), Kay, Brev and others to
make for an embarrassingly larger display at the somewhat new
'Unofficial 101 Club Stand'

peterborough-2003-005.jpg (112347 bytes)
peterborough-2003-001.jpg (129006 bytes) peterborough-2003-002.jpg (120591 bytes) peterborough-2003-003.jpg (127246 bytes)
A smashing (unofficial) line-up of 101s

peterborough-2003-008.jpg (136855 bytes) peterborough-2003-009.jpg (193108 bytes) peterborough-2003-010.jpg (149928 bytes)
Tim entertains the youngest member of the 101 club...

peterborough-2003-011.jpg (80521 bytes) peterborough-2003-012.jpg (66780 bytes) peterborough-2003-013.jpg (112956 bytes)
Mathew Kitchin inspecting the roof of Grumble :-)

peterborough-2003-014.jpg (157384 bytes) peterborough-2003-015.jpg (154484 bytes)
Frank from LRM
Some may have heard that Frank left
Billing in the back of an Ambulance
(Sadly it was not a 101 Ambulance)

Many were concerned that Frank may again
have become 'unwell', however it was good
to see him looking fitter than ever, and to hear
that it was all a false alarm caused by a
Pharmacist giving him some out of date
and therefore 'useless' medication by mistake.

Keep on keeping on, Frank :-)

peterborough-2003-016.jpg (115088 bytes)
Long shot showing
the improvised screen
(Gazeebo sidewall)
for the 'large screen' video projection of the
quite superb 101 Club Video
followed by
Land Rovers Across Britain
by British Car Films

peterborough-2003-017.jpg (116011 bytes)
A highlight of the show was
seeing Kevin Winn being awarded
the 'best conversion' award from
the ARC National - Well done Kev!

That's about it for the pics from Peterborough.
Charlotte, Max and I went off for a week floating
around the Fens in a canal boat, joined by a few
family members for a couple of days. Pics are
here if only for my own 'album'...

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