OFFROADish In Derbysire II
1st December 2001

It's incredible to think that when I first put the Offroadish pics and vids up on this site,
our beloved hobby was about to be suspended for a year due to the Foot & Mouth crisis.
It's even more incredible that it was nearly a year ago that James and I went and gave the
GRUMble a good thrashing off road at one of my favourite RUPPs in Derbyshire!
So we went back, with Power Steering, LPG, Large bore sports exhaust and a new coat
of Purple paint!  Streaming video coming soon, for now, enjoy the pics!
offroadish-2-050.jpg (66390 bytes)
Creative pic by James :-)


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Nice to get one on a Volvo driver for a change.
This chap didn't really like having us so close,
so we got closer.  The pic shows our
reflection in his rear window...
There was also a strange smell...
TIP: Not a good idea to 'cut up' a 101.

offroadish-2-052.jpg (71884 bytes) Time for reflection.
GRUMble rests,
we go for breakfast
reflect-001.jpg (334745 bytes)

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