LRO Spring Adventure 2004

May 15th - 16th 2004

Off we went - this year to Driffield
(Land Rovers are probably banned for life from Bramham!)

The weather couldn't have been better
The company was superb, the organisation
was incredible and friendly, and the club
stands were thoughtfully placed around the
main Arena - which makes a lot of sense
(Other show organisaers please note!)

Wandering around talking to many of the old faces
on the trade stands it soon became apparent that there
was some very serious 'organised thievery' going on.

This could easily have ruined the weekend for many,
however, late Saturday Night (2am Sunday morning actually)
the police moved in, vehicle transporter in attendance,
and several vehicles, their contents and owners were
taken away. Reassuring and somewhat comforting.

lro-sa-2004-01.jpg (192052 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-02.jpg (177933 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-03.jpg (178712 bytes)

lro-sa-2004-13.jpg (125930 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-14.jpg (142502 bytes)

First appearance of this very tidy Radio Body.
Anyone know what the bracket assembly under the
rear door is all about?

lro-sa-2004-07.jpg (175404 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-08.jpg (119144 bytes)

Also the first real outing
(for the owner) of this very nice GS...

lro-sa-2004-04.jpg (184936 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-05.jpg (227890 bytes)

Scenes from the 101 Club Stand
First public showing of Kevins full
rollcage on his 6x6 (which he has subsequently sold)

lro-sa-2004-09.jpg (130650 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-10.jpg (99688 bytes)

lro-sa-2004-11.jpg (155706 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-12.jpg (141341 bytes)

But only after showing it off in the arena

lro-sa-2004-06.jpg (153043 bytes)

While Jackie relaxes...

lro-sa-2004-15.jpg (156293 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-16.jpg (113673 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-17.jpg (123310 bytes)

Regulars from a.f.l may be interested in the
pics of Dave Ronds (Llama 4X4) brand spanking new
bolt on Fastback and bonnet kits...

lro-sa-2004-18.jpg (156348 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-19.jpg (141749 bytes)   lro-sa-2004-20.jpg (145576 bytes)

The challenge to totally rebuild this Series 1

lro-sa-2004-21.jpg (84852 bytes) lro-sa-2004-22.jpg (87639 bytes)

We eventually mastered the art of the
"Field Cinema" - with 'silent' generator
a fairly high powered video projector
and the side wall of our 'zeebo!

lro-sa-2004-23.jpg (107835 bytes)

That's it :-)