Although I was very lucky to manage to get time to attend most of the shows
in 2002, the only one I missed was the LRO show at Peterborough in September.

It's no secret that I've often mused over making Grumble a little 'longer' and
I put a few thoughts up some time ago in my 'Stretched 101 - just an idea' page.

Typical then that Kevin should use the Peterborough show for his debut of this
really quite superb vehicle!  John Bailey sent me a few photos taken at the show
and asked if I thought it was 'real' or more doctored pics.  Well, it is real and
following a few calls and emails I was eventually put in contact with the owner, who
only lives about 25 miles away no less!  We eventually got to meet up when Kevin
paid me a visit on Sunday 5th January.

The following pictures should give you an idea of both what a smashing job he's made of
it internally together with the exacting engineering which goes to make this a true 6x6.
I now have permission from Charlotte to move my ideas a little further and once Grumble has
the new 4.6L V8 in place I'll be preping for the addition to the rear!

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