LRW Eastnor 2004

Eastnor Castle
June 19th - 20th 2004

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Setting up the club stand...

Le Grand Bleu
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For some reason I didn't manage to get any pics last year
of "Parksy's" rather nice GS.  For certain good reasons
he didn't want a green or camo colour scheme, his choice of Blue
works well - as has his modifications and comforts.  We took it on
the off road course, which didn't prove hard for a 101!

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Early, rare prototype 101 on view
with the Dunsfold Collection.

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Evening entertainment
Field cinema and fireworks...
It was very, very, very COLD!

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Max - unphased...

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One of the reasons we like the LRW Show

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Dear Ty, next year can you get a Landie?

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Posh Ted liked the 101 - and the nice
people from British 4X4, his next jaunt
was with them over to the Netherlands.

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Sadly, my transfer box decided to give in on the way back
the last 20 miles of the journey was very economical on
fuel, though...