Stoneleigh 2003

The All Rover Weekend
23 - 25 August 2003

For the last few years the All Rover Weekend
has been held with the Town and Country Festival
at Stoneleigh Park.  This works well for a
number of reasons, firstly it's quite refreshing as
there's lots to do for all the family and secondly,
for those of us who tend to find ourselves a little
overly 'Land Rovered' following Billing and Eastnor
there's plenty of other stuff for petrol-headed folk
which doesn't just involve the Green Oval!

stoneleigh-2003-002.jpg (91368 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-003.jpg (94906 bytes)
One of those things being a Green Jaguar :-)
(Note the very broad grin!)

stoneleigh-2003-004.jpg (143731 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-005.jpg (149922 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-006.jpg (128754 bytes)
and a chance to celebrate the Birthday of Chris Savidge
(President of the 101 Club)

stoneleigh-2003-001.jpg (126157 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-034.jpg (114380 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-007.jpg (117693 bytes)
Obviously the 101 Club had a rather good turn-out of members
showing off their smashing vehicles...

stoneleigh-2003-007.jpg (117693 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-008.jpg (160105 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-011.jpg (153928 bytes)
One of the 'different' things at the show was this...
It's NOT a tank, it's a very big gun.
I'm not usually very fond of gun like things
but this is a very impressive bit of machinery
weighing in at about 48 Tonnes when loaded.
It fires 155mm shell around 28Km, and it's
called, quite simply, an AS90

Being the Membership Secretary of a Military vehicle club
I do tend to get to know a number of serving forces people.
I've never really had any issues with them, more an issue with
politicians who send them to fight political wars, and of all
the serving people I know, the Gunners have to be amongst the
most fun. I guess if you're stuck inside a motor like this
for 12+ hours a day, you develop a sense of humour.

So, to the West Midlands Gunners who may end up reading this
many thanks for letting me play, and have a safe tour in November.

stoneleigh-2003-015.jpg (91698 bytes)

A few pics of Alistair Worsley and his ambi
next to the very big AS90 (War and Peace)...
stoneleigh-2003-010.jpg (96618 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-012.jpg (124276 bytes)
stoneleigh-2003-013.jpg (108893 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-014.jpg (106654 bytes)

stoneleigh-2003-033.jpg (73996 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-016.jpg (59411 bytes)

Other highlights, quite rational I guess
as it is a 'town and country' show, is the
rather impressive selection of Steam powered vehicles

One of the vehicles pictured here was recently the
subject of a cash offer, of 800,000 Pounds...

stoneleigh-2003-017.jpg (120081 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-018.jpg (197925 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-019.jpg (146477 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-020.jpg (185127 bytes)
stoneleigh-2003-021.jpg (175388 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-022.jpg (195918 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-023.jpg (191228 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-024.jpg (154994 bytes)
stoneleigh-2003-025.jpg (184023 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-026.jpg (197902 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-027.jpg (198873 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-028.jpg (188561 bytes)
stoneleigh-2003-029.jpg (164460 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-030.jpg (211794 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-031.jpg (130115 bytes) stoneleigh-2003-032.jpg (140152 bytes)

If you've never been to the Town and Country Festival, it's
really worth adding to your diary for 2004.

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