County Durham - 31st May - 1st June 2003

It was touch and go whether we'd actually make it to this event in Grumble!
At 4.30pm on Saturday 31st May 2003 the engine cover went back on after the
transplant of my new 4.6L V8 - by 5.30pm we were on the M1 heading North :-)

One slight problem, my 'so called recored' rad was running sooo hot
that I decided to 'borrow' the rad from my other new toy, a 101 GS
(more to follow...). Still running hot meant we had to take things
very easy on the M1/A1 - my poor mapreading combined with a permanent
distraction of the temperature guage led to an interesting detour...

We arrived at the campsite at about 8.30pm - and a true sight to behold:
(low light + flash off = crappy pics, sorry)

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unofficial-2003-004.jpg (144771 bytes) unofficial-2003-005.jpg (130892 bytes) unofficial-2003-006.jpg (143860 bytes)
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unofficial-2003-010.jpg (98255 bytes)

As we arrived we saw a van full of '101 Widows' heading for the nearby pub
We later learned that they'd taken Bob Morrison from LRM with them.
(sadly, they brought him back with them too...)
Bob is seen here after his return, first pic carrying on the drinking...

unofficial-2003-016.jpg (127392 bytes) unofficial-2003-023.jpg (116424 bytes)

Second pic, evidently about to throw up on the BBQ...

A good time was obviously had by all...

unofficial-2003-011.jpg (121008 bytes) unofficial-2003-012.jpg (94882 bytes) unofficial-2003-013.jpg (114471 bytes) unofficial-2003-014.jpg (119433 bytes)
unofficial-2003-015.jpg (94306 bytes) - Rich Clafton shows how much it takes to please a woman... unofficial-2003-017.jpg (114051 bytes) unofficial-2003-018.jpg (98389 bytes) unofficial-2003-019.jpg (119022 bytes)- Ron shows how much it takes to please a woman...
unofficial-2003-020.jpg (85260 bytes) unofficial-2003-021.jpg (142409 bytes) unofficial-2003-022.jpg (152669 bytes) unofficial-2003-024.jpg (150546 bytes)

and then suddenly, as chance would have it, the next morning arrived...