Sunday 9th December 2001

After having such a good time last week, we decided to go back!
Armed with a much better digital video camera (clips to come)
we were again blessed by the best possible weather (misty!)

By far the best part of this sub-site are the video clips taken
with our usual camera. I've increased the resolution slightly,
but they should still be downloadable on a modem link :-)

The stills, below, show a small convoy we stumbled upon earlier on.
No idea who these guys were, but they were quite obviously total
Land Rover enthusiasts, so we tagged along for a while


Click thumbnail to see 640X480 image
High Resolution images here
offroadish-iii-001.jpg (59853 bytes) offroadish-iii-002.jpg (58867 bytes) offroadish-iii-003.jpg (65326 bytes)
offroadish-iii-004.jpg (38173 bytes) offroadish-iii-005.jpg (54019 bytes) offroadish-iii-006.jpg (53097 bytes)
offroadish-iii-007.jpg (46764 bytes) offroadish-iii-008.jpg (46835 bytes) offroadish-iii-009.jpg (42848 bytes)
offroadish-iii-010.jpg (47957 bytes) offroadish-iii-011.jpg (62102 bytes) offroadish-iii-012.jpg (55744 bytes)
offroadish-iii-013.jpg (56305 bytes) offroadish-iii-014.jpg (50448 bytes) offroadish-iii-015.jpg (43249 bytes)
offroadish-iii-016.jpg (36571 bytes) offroadish-iii-017.jpg (37145 bytes)

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