LRO Spring Adventure 2003

Bramham Park - Wetherby 16th - 18th May 2003

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Bramham Hall

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It was obviously going to be a weekend of mixed weather...
The forecast on Friday wasn't good, and true to form,
the Yorkshire 'Spring' helped keep the garden green!
VIDEO: The scene at the Anchor Supplies stand

Of course, being 'hardy' nobody really cared about the weather
and the showers albeit heavy, were fairly rare.

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Some very tidy campers (Charlotte pulled me away!)

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And a chance to meet the usual suspects!
Bob Morrison from Land Rover Monthly
VIDEO: I had a journo in the back of my 101

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She'll never change that wheel
without some help...

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The Dutch really do wear those cloggy things!
H L van Osch from Iwema (nice chap too)

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Stuck - and Ice Cream van needs a tow
VIDEO: Do you get wafers with that?

Various other pics from the show:

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