Unofficial 2004

County Durham
May 21st - 23rd 2004

As anyone will tell you, it's always sunny in County Durham :-)

I hadn't been too well and it was a close thing whether I'd
be going - however, with the miracle of the NHS and some
very powerful (and quite nice) drugs, we headed off up the A1

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Incredibly, the camp site welcomed us back!
(This place scores 101/101 in every respect)

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We parked Grumble in a quiet corner next to Kevin and Jacky
I got comfortable on the roof...  Notice the Yellow 101?

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I have to admit to having spent far too much time crawling over this
really remarkable conversion (Thanks, by the way to owner John!).

It has a TDi, been converted from LHD to RHD, has a custom dash,
110 axles, custom engine cover, custom body (note the lift up roof
which John has nearly finished), custom wheel steps - and a prototype
wind-up window system that - along with a few other ideas,
I shall nick, shamelessly - but with due credit :-)

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The usual campfire antics - with some rather unusual fire juggling
from Frazer (don't worry about those eyebrows, they'll grow back...)

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The next morning - remarkably 'hangover free' we all set off at the
crack of Noon, to head North for the very scenic drive to the Weardale
off road centre and some serious dirt-plugging (not too much mud...)

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About half way we saw a biker wip it out on a corner
due to the loose road surface.  fortunately he was 'alright'
although an Air Ambulance with a Doctor was sent just to be on the safe side.

I however, felt myself failling fast, so upon arrival at Weardale
Charlotte went off for a long walk with Max whilst I spent the rest
of the day sleeping in the back of Grumble before driving back to Sheffield!

Notwithstanding, a smashing gathering - as ever.  Many thanks to Graeme Wood.

Good to meet up with the usual suspects, best wishes to Andreas and Ron :-)