Billing 2003

18th - 20th July 2003
Billing Aquadrome

As we left Sheffield mid Wednesday afternoon the sky quite literally opened.  At the same time, our windscreen wipers stopped working.  It was going to be,


After pulling into a service station on the M1, cleaning the fuse terminal and swearing a little too much, we were back on our way, rain in tow, to Little Haughton, where we were greeted by mud and wind - but who cares, this is BILLING!

Thursday wasn't much better but hey, at least the off road course would be plenty muddy.  Within 12 hours of arrival I'd decided that there was as much mud inside the back of Grumble as there was on the off road course - so resigned myself to a fairly dreary weekend, but it doesn't matter, it's BILLING after all...

As is tradition - the sun took control and Friday through to Sunday saw a mere scattering of light showers - I even got a tad sunburnt :-)

Click the pics on the right for various scenes from the show, obviously with a bit of a bias toward 101s. Click the thumbnail images for larger (800x600) resolution pics.  As always, the original higher resolution pictures are available in simple directory listing by clicking HERE.

As always a busy but very enjoyable show and a chance to meet up and spend some quality with all the regular suspects and this year, a lot of people from the newsgroup who I haven't met before.

I drank too much, ate myself to the brim, got a few cracking bargains, spent a tad more than I'd planned, met some smashing new faces and - as always, had the time of my life...

Late Sunday a Press Release from Land Rover UK confirmed what we already knew, but now ratified by the BBC Top Gear survey:
Land Rover is the greatest car of all time.

That's BILLING      :-)


101 Club Stand
101 Clubish

Miles of Skye
Miles of Sky

12 Stranded
12 Stranded

Other general pics