Land Rover
Marque Day
Heritage Motor Centre
5th May 2002

ARC Presentation to Christopher and Bonny Savidge

The President of the 101 Club, Christopher Savidge and his wife Bonny have contributed perhaps more than anyone to the success of many Land Rover, Rover and Heritage events.  Chris has a selfless determination and commitment toward the Marque and has worked for many years to ensure that events such as the Marque Day are a great success.

Chris and Bonny have earned the respect of many clubs and organisations and are held in high esteem within Land Rover circles.

Due to poor health Chris has reluctantly had to withdraw from many of his activities, including his work with the Association of Rover Clubs (ARC).  To thank Chris and Bonny for their many years of hard work for the ARC, Denis and Sandra Bourne (also both committee members for the 101 Club), arranged a covert special commission with Pete Wilford - probably the worlds best known Land Rover artist.

After getting Chris onto the stage under the guise of conducting the 101 Club Prize Draw, Denis presented the picture to Chris and Bonny...

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This was pretty much the highlight of the entire event for me, if only to see Chris lost for words (the first time I think I've seen that!)

I'd personally like to publicly thank Chris and Bonny for their support and encouragement during me taking on the job of Membership Secretary for the 101 Club.