Land Rover
Marque Day
Heritage Motor Centre
5th May 2002

101 Club Stand

The club show officer, Steve Gulliford is currently out of the country so with less than two weeks to go, we had no planned club presence at the event.  A few manic phone calls later and Rich Clafton agreed to help out.  Although I was pretty much organising the event and liaising directly with Gaydon, Rich really took the lead and and did all of the hard work, constructed a superb club display.

The evening before the event we were expecting 3 or 4 vehicles.  The following day I pulled in from the cavalcade to see a stand full to the brim with 9 or 10 vehicles - well done Rich - you're a star, and many thanks to all of the other club members who took the time to join in!

For me, the true delight was finding such a superb mix of traditional and modified vehicles lined up together.  I think it's good to show off the 101 in all of its forms as it really is one of the most versatile Land Rovers ever built.  Even Bob Dover (Chief Executive of Land Rover) chose the 101 as his second favourite Landie in a recent survey - second only to the (drool) new Range Rover (isn't it time you joined our club, Bob?).

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Later in the afternoon I broke away from the cavalcade line-up to join the stand.  It really isn't often you'll see three brightly coloured 101 ambis', but it's going to be a sign of things to come!

From left to right, Chris and Helen with their blue and yellow ambi, Rich with Tiggurr and me with Grumble!

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