Land Rover
Marque Day
Heritage Motor Centre
5th May 2002

Grumbe goes back to the Future!

Most people will be well aware of my deep love of the 'Dredd', a very special batch of 101 conversions made especially for the film 'Judge Dredd' (I bought the film on DVD just for the 101 content - very, very sad!)

I'd got some pics of the rather unusual Silver and Black Dredd in the HMC collection at Gaydon a couple of years ago and was rather sad to find that it was no longer actually on display in the rest of the Land Rover area of the centre.

I later found it, sat lonely and neglected, outside...

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A short while later, having left the cavalcade line-up, and just before going to join the club stand, Grumble and I went to say hello!

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One of my greatest dreams is to own such a Dredd, if only for use at shows and for various fund-raising events.  As you'll see from the pictures, this is not a road legal vehicle - but this doesn't really matter as driving a Dredd (I've only done it once) is rather like peering out of a letterbox with your head resting on your shoulder. The Dredd has the least headroom of any 101 and would not be a comfortable vehicle to drive for any distance.

I understand that we may very well be allowed to borrow this superb vehicle for the 101 Club display at Gaydon next year!

2002-05-05-107.jpg (78886 bytes)
Me playing with a futuristic exposure :-)