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New Boots

A story of two absolute Lunatics
and two incredible Engineers...

Our criteria was fairly simple, the tyres should:

  • Have excellent on and off road capability
  • Be as wide as feasible for an Ambi body.
  • Should fit a 16inch rim
  • should have a larger diameter than the existing 900X16
  • Be capable of taking the weight of a fully loaded Ambulance bodied 101
  • Have proven safety record
  • Be road legal in the UK
  • Fit in with the 'look' of a 101

    After many hours of researching, searching, emailling and generally becoming rather frustrated, Andy stumbled upon the Thornbird - 14.5inches wide, 38inches diameter - a real beast of a tyre!
    A few days further researching the legal status of these tyres in the UK, measuring the front and rear wheelspace on the 101 time and time again to ensure that they'd fit and assessing their overall suitability so far as regards going on a 101 which would be seriously thrown around on, and off road were concerned, convinced us that these were the perfect solution.
    Having now found our tyres, we needed to find out how to buy them...

    Numerous telephone calls and emaills to various companies in Europe and the USA were getting Andy nowhere. I suggested we go directly to the manufacturers - Interco, and ask if they'd consider shipping direct. This was to be the start of a long and occasionally frustrating process during which Andy got to be on firstname terms with one of their international sales bods. Quotations came in for shipping which were high, but not as much as a Canadian company had tried to stiff us with. We had to make a decision, and that decision was yes, buy them. A fairly major hit on his credit card notwithstanding, Andy did the deal and (eventually) we heard that our rubber - half a tonne of it, was somewhere mid Atlantic.

    A week or so later my mobile phone rang. The tyres had arrived. Andy was manic, stunned in fact. An articulated lorry had pulled up outside his house to deliver them. They were big!

    rubber-00.jpg - 48867 Bytes

    Taking up almost all of the patio that Andy once loved!

    rubber-01.jpg - 56948 Bytes

    rubber-02.jpg - 58961 Bytes
    Craig (son of mad Scot) Thomlinson
    measures his dads insanity

    By this time I'd collected the custom made rims (next section, be patient!) and on Saturday 16th March 2002 Andy and I arranged to meet up in Penrith - about half way between Sheffield and Glasgow to swap rims for tyres.
    They almost totally filled my trailer!

    2002-03-15-001.jpg (77647 bytes)
    2002-03-15-002.jpg (100658 bytes) 2002-03-15-003.jpg (119148 bytes)
    2002-03-16-001.jpg (104601 bytes) 2002-03-16-027.jpg (96643 bytes)

    (Click thumbnail for 640X480 image)
    Larger (1280X960) originals here

    Right, now on to the rims!

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