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New Boots

A story of two absolute Lunatics
and two incredible Engineers...

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We had the tyres...
We had the rims...
Now we had to get it all together!

First stop was Attercliffe Tyre Services in Sheffield. They're used to doing commercial vehicles but when they saw the extent of job in hand, took a deep breath...

2002-03-18-001.jpg (76348 bytes) 2002-03-18-002.jpg (81488 bytes) 2002-03-18-003.jpg (76749 bytes) 2002-03-18-004.jpg (79172 bytes)
The rims fit their machine perfectly, but the tyres only had about half an inch clearance.

2002-03-18-005.jpg (94085 bytes)
Less than 45 minutes later the fully assembled wheels were in the back of my trailer ready to drop off at Warrens place. Enter the second incredible Engineer of this story...

2002-03-18-013.jpg (74893 bytes) 2002-03-18-015.jpg (79196 bytes) 2002-03-18-016.jpg (83208 bytes)

By now it was dark and wet. I dumped the wheels with Warren and went home.

2002-03-19-038.jpg (140888 bytes)   2002-03-19-040.jpg (146407 bytes)
Max couldn't really work out
what the fuss was all about...

The next day we looked, for the first time, at the difference!

2002-03-20-026.jpg (88074 bytes)   2002-03-20-028.jpg (101692 bytes)
They're big...

2002-03-20-002.jpg (91917 bytes) 2002-03-20-004.jpg (82648 bytes) 2002-03-20-005.jpg (87502 bytes) 2002-03-20-010.jpg (84638 bytes) 2002-03-20-012.jpg (89166 bytes) 2002-03-20-013.jpg (88358 bytes) 2002-03-20-014.jpg (75151 bytes)

Our measurements and planning were perfect. The wheels fit the rear arches better than we'd dreamed. It's always a nail-biting time, given all of the planning, waiting to see if we'd got it right. We had!

Now we needed to think about the front...

Many visitors to this site will already be aware of the man they call 'Warren' at WGB Autos in Sheffield.  Warren does all of the serious work on Grumble and has a deep love of all things Landroverish. He is also highly safety conscious and likes to fully plan and work out everything he does in advance.

We knew that the front would need to be extended as the cab is a tad narrower than the body on a 101 Ambulance, so Warren went to work fabricating some strengthened wheel arches...

2002-03-20-015.jpg (87193 bytes) 2002-03-20-016.jpg (82901 bytes) 2002-03-20-017.jpg (106983 bytes) 2002-03-20-018.jpg (76525 bytes) 2002-03-20-019.jpg (91616 bytes) 2002-03-20-020.jpg (80057 bytes) 2002-03-20-021.jpg (79452 bytes) 2002-03-20-022.jpg (79993 bytes) 2002-03-20-023.jpg (80260 bytes) 2002-03-20-024.jpg (86371 bytes) 2002-03-20-030.jpg (95923 bytes) 2002-03-20-031.jpg (78381 bytes) 2002-03-20-048.jpg (67078 bytes) 2002-03-20-049.jpg (67939 bytes) 2002-03-23-006.jpg (81443 bytes) 2002-03-23-007.jpg (62560 bytes) 2002-03-23-008.jpg (75860 bytes)

Short break...
2002-03-23-009.jpg (84173 bytes)   2002-03-23-010.jpg (79294 bytes)
A couple of pics of how Warren maounted the electric fan...
Now back to the wheel arches...

2002-03-23-011.jpg (78427 bytes) 2002-03-23-013.jpg (68856 bytes) 2002-03-23-016.jpg (84072 bytes)
Warren kept the line of the rear arch height - small attention to detail which is the mark of a true Engineer!

Getting in?
Obviously with the extra two inch ride height and protruding wheel arches, enabling Charlotte to get in was something of an issue. Some steps were needed, and as ever, Warren had worked out how these should be made, and also worked out how to mount them so that they would be strong enough to cope with my weight!

2002-03-23-028.jpg (67414 bytes) 2002-03-23-029.jpg (54530 bytes) 2002-03-23-030.jpg (56354 bytes) 2002-03-23-031.jpg (71774 bytes) 2002-03-23-032.jpg (58367 bytes) 2002-03-23-038.jpg (71234 bytes) 2002-03-23-039.jpg (52776 bytes) 2002-03-24-001.jpg (96434 bytes) 2002-03-24-002.jpg (95205 bytes) 2002-03-24-004.jpg (101105 bytes)

A few coats of primer and then Purple...

2002-03-24-009.jpg (79479 bytes) 2002-03-24-012.jpg (98162 bytes) 2002-03-24-013.jpg (93994 bytes) 2002-03-24-014.jpg (99501 bytes) 2002-03-24-015.jpg (95139 bytes) 2002-03-24-016.jpg (97372 bytes) 2002-03-24-017.jpg (76819 bytes) 2002-03-24-018.jpg (79894 bytes) 2002-03-24-019.jpg (83898 bytes) 2002-03-24-021.jpg (86359 bytes) 2002-03-24-022.jpg (81700 bytes) 2002-03-24-024.jpg (77632 bytes) 2002-03-24-027.jpg (84323 bytes) 2002-03-24-029.jpg (74506 bytes)


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