Billing 2003

12 Stranded...

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A chance to relax.
Our 'base' for the show became the Ruftraks Stand,
kept well lubricated by Andy and John, with rocket fuel wine!
Note the 14mm Plasma 12 Strand rope gloriously adorning
the front of Grumble. Also note the stainless steel hook.

The rope has a breaking strain of 20 Tonnes and both Lee and
I spectacularly failled to leave the show with it...

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a chance to sign up our newest member
Special welcome to Kay :-)

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A few pics of Lee and Kim Argyle
Sadly I missed the pic of the show, when at 8.30am on Saturday,
Kim was sat on a chair, on top of Andys' 101 - drinking wine!
Classy, or what?

There's a sort of 'in joke' hidden in the pics above...
Something to do with Lee being a very serious competitor...
Something to do with Lee using Plasma 12 Strand on his winches...
Something to do with Plasma 12 Strand being Purple...
Something to do with Purple not being White...