Billing 2003

General pics from
the showground

billing-2003-06.jpg (139078 bytes) billing-2003-07.jpg (175413 bytes) billing-2003-08.jpg (133840 bytes)
I missed Sue and Malcolm, but found their superb camper on
the front of the RPI Engineering Stand

billing-2003-16.jpg (205969 bytes) billing-2003-17.jpg (196066 bytes) billing-2003-18.jpg (187621 bytes)
If there isn't an award for "the most decorated with stickers"
Land Rover, then perhaps there should be...

billing-2003-41.jpg (187202 bytes) billing-2003-42.jpg (155293 bytes) billing-2003-43.jpg (166797 bytes)
As Lee and Kim were leaving I couldn't help but wonder
what Charlotte would say if I set my sights on something
like this, for the school run, of course...

billing-2003-44.jpg (92560 bytes) billing-2003-45.jpg (108379 bytes)
Not surprising, having spent so much time with
mad Scot Thomlinson over the weekend to find
this on the M1 on the way home.
Either that or I was hallucinating... ?