Billing 2003

Miles of Skye?

Late on Sunday afternoon Roger Hill-Cottingham
grabbed me. A couple of new members were apparently
looking for me - which is never really a good sign as
it usually means their welcome pack has gone astray
or I've mish-pellded their name or addresh ;-)

As it happened, they were absolutely delightful chaps,
originating from Birmingham but now running a walking
holidays type business on the Isle of Skye. Even better
was to follow as I was led around the corner to find this:

billing-2003-35.jpg (183770 bytes) billing-2003-36.jpg (155262 bytes) billing-2003-37.jpg (159346 bytes)

billing-2003-38.jpg (164958 bytes) billing-2003-39.jpg (145086 bytes)

A smashing conversion and very well maintained too.

I'll admit that this, together with the location of Skye
as the base made me just a little bit envious, especially
so during the roadworks on various stages of the M1 on the
way home. Anyone fancy a little 101 gathering on the unspoilt
Isle of Skye?