30th May 2001

Phew! Well, not much for over a month (on the web site at least), but
there has been some progress. Firstly I ripped (litterally), the roof
off, and got some hood sticks and a tilt to make Ziggy a "raggietop"!
Getting the hardtop off was fun (not) and most o' bolts did sheer off
during the process, but they're easily replaced when winter comes and
I need to put the hardtop on again. I also got 'busy' with the sander
and pressure washer before giving a good four coats of eggshell black
with a gloss roller, then measured up the chequerplate for wingtops &
rear loadspace. Now I want to get Ziggy very very muddy when Foot and
Mouth has gone, just to see what's left of the original SIII to bust!
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2001-05-12-035.jpg (66827 bytes) 2001-05-14-001.jpg (110223 bytes) 2001-05-14-002.jpg (96440 bytes) 2001-05-14-003.jpg (70524 bytes) 2001-05-14-004.jpg (75645 bytes)
2001-05-14-005.jpg (87162 bytes) 2001-05-14-006.jpg (83954 bytes) 2001-05-14-007.jpg (67808 bytes) 2001-05-14-008.jpg (67608 bytes) 2001-05-14-009.jpg (49076 bytes)
2001-05-14-010.jpg (45032 bytes) 2001-05-14-011.jpg (90916 bytes) 2001-05-14-012.jpg (73108 bytes) 2001-05-14-013.jpg (71024 bytes) 2001-05-14-014.jpg (88116 bytes)
2001-05-14-015.jpg (112288 bytes) 2001-05-14-018.jpg (95135 bytes) 2001-05-30-021.jpg (108879 bytes) 2001-05-30-022.jpg (109181 bytes) The next job is a
rollbar & harness
a precursor to an
incredibly muddy,
and happy future!