Series III 88" SWB

Right, first things first...

I will ONLY sell Ziggy to someone who will meet the following criteria:

1. You will know what you're buying.
2. You will 'use' and enjoy the vehicle.
3. You agree to maintain Ziggy in the same way I have.

Ziggy is an old, slightly battered Series 3 Short wheelbase Land Rover.
I've spent shedloads of money over the last 3 odd years having him rebuilt.

  • He has a FULL internal ARC Specification roll cage
      (one of the last to be built by Bettaweld, probably
      the finest roll cage manufacturers of their time).
  • He has full 3 point safety harnesses.
  • Full (superb condition) hoodsticks.
  • An Exmoor Trim hood.
  • Exmoor Trim replacement seats (waterproof).
  • Ventless front bulkhead.
  • Overdrive
  • Removed all of the original crappy Series 3 dash (consol en-situ).

    I'll have the engine rebuilt prior to sale and replace the head with one suitable for running on unleaded (I was going to put a V8 in...)

    This is a very serious and robust vehicle, designed and modified for professional use, (off-road, competition, recovery, agricultural, survey, rescue or expedition applications.)

    May be of interest to an enthusiast, suitable for very easy restoration.

    I've little doubt that he'll outlive almost any other vehicle on the road

    The chassis is rock solid, as is everything else on it.
    This is an extremely robust and incredibly safe vehicle.
    The rebuild was done to exceptional standards and was not cheap.

    I REALLY do not want to part with Ziggy, however, with a Discovery, a 101 Ambulance camper, a 101 GS and a Harley Trike - something really has to go before Charlotte is going to allow me to buy a Radio body 101 :-(

    Ziggy is therefore, sadly, for sale. I'm asking £2,250.00 and will ensure a new 12 month MOT (the last MOT cost me £40 - which included the test fee).  I'll put 12 months tax on him too and have the engine top rebuilt (to high standard) with unleaded heads.

    Either that or come and take him away for £1,850

    I may be flexible on the price if I feel he'll be going to a good home.


    See the main page for Ziggy to view some of the rebuild and history.
    (I'll add a few newer pics in a while if I get a Round Tuit)

    Telephone: 0114 255 4101
    I reserve the right to set the dogs on Tyrekickers and Timewasters