Floating around the Fens 2003

After a nice long weekend at the LRO Show we headed off for the
20 mile or so journey to March and Fox's Marina ready to collect
a slightly larger, albeit slower mode of transport for the week to come.

Here's one I rented last year...
Here's the one
I rented last year

The following pics are mainly a personal, non-landie
photo album.  I've included them here as a few people
have asked 'what was it like', so I guess the pics will give
a flavour of the break - pottering along at 3mph...

waiting for the lock

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This is really sad...
peterborough-2003-056.jpg (67561 bytes)
On the final morning
I saw this on the
towpath right next to
our Narrowboat...
A Durite box!
(I've only recently put some Durite
LED Tail and Indicator lights on Grumble!)