UNOFFICIAL - Wales 2005

15 - 16 October 2005

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Credits and backslaps...

After a nice play in the mud we took advantage of Austin, Richard and Di having
'local knowledge' and headed off to Llanstephan...

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Parking up on the beach

unofficial-wales-2005-045.jpg (92633 bytes)
Far off in the distance, perched on top of a mountain
was Llanstephan Castle. There was no option other than to...

unofficial-wales-2005-046.jpg (271883 bytes) unofficial-wales-2005-047.jpg (278437 bytes)
unofficial-wales-2005-048.jpg (279446 bytes) unofficial-wales-2005-049.jpg (333187 bytes)
... have an ice cream!

We then, under threat of being called 'whimps' by the girlies,
set off on the 20 odd mile hike, up the mountain to the castle...

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Alright, it only seemed like 20 miles, but certainly worth it
as the views from the top were stunning.

After a gentle walk back along the beach, paddling in the sea,
with the (still) summer-like weather, we headed back to Bass camp

unofficial-wales-2005-060.jpg (104430 bytes)
unofficial-wales-2005-061.jpg (92910 bytes) unofficial-wales-2005-062.jpg (87736 bytes)
with the most serene of sunsets...