UNOFFICIAL - Wales 2005

15 - 16 October 2005

Video: 40MB Windoze Media file   26MB Real Media file

Bigups and backslaps :-)

for allowing us exclusive access
and for the firewood (thanks Kevin)

Trefach Country Pub and Caravan Park:
Superb location, excellent facilities.
Faultless "Customer Care". We'll be back!

Austin - for the industrial BBQ

Steve for the firepit!

Emma for the choccie cakes ;-)

Everyone from a.f.l who didn't bottle out
at the last minute with some lame excuse...

But mostly...

Steve, Lizzy and my favourite Monsters!
Steve worked exceptionally hard to ensure
a most enjoyable weekend for all, including
doing various recognisance missions and
endless telephone calls.

There was 'something for everyone', and not
just another 'Land Rover' gathering.

Thanks Steve, and we'll see everyone else next year!