Unofficial 2005

The 3rd Annual International Unofficial 101 fest
County Durham - 7th and 8th May 2005


unofficial-2005-054.jpg (326771 bytes)

You need broadband for these! :-)

Please Note: The 'slideshow' has a backing track
featuring a version of "Working Class Hero" which
contains lyrics that some parents may not feel are
appropriate for children.

There are 4 video files:
U-2005-slides.rm 21,409KB Slideshow of photos in RealMedia format
U-2005-slides.wmv 10,834KB Slideshow of photos in Windoze Media format
unofficial-2005.rm 26,749KB Video footage from the quarry in RealMedia format
unofficial-2005.wmv 42,061KB Video footage from the quarry in Windoze Media format

OK, by (very) popular demand, for non broadband users
the clip with the J**p (actually, elite single Marque Landy stuff aside
he was a really nice chap and I hope he stumbles upon this site)

justjeep.wmv 1,676KB The Jeep scene Windoze Media format
justjeep.rm 1,397KB The Jeep scene Real Media format

101B2BW.WMV 1,036KB NEW - from Neil Lawson

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