Marque Day 2005

Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon
Saturday 30th april - Sunday 1st May

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Happy that the club stand was sorted, Field Cinema running
and we'd topped up our coffee ration, we set off to take a
look around the show, of course, finding our Frank (Elson)
from Land Rover Monthly (joint promoters of the show) sat
comfortably, and not the slightest bit hungover, on "PKV"

marque-day-2005-021.jpg (152937 bytes)

One of the more 'interesting' 101 conversions...
marque-day-2005-075.jpg (178467 bytes) marque-day-2005-022.jpg (144959 bytes) marque-day-2005-023.jpg (145727 bytes)
marque-day-2005-024.jpg (156922 bytes) marque-day-2005-025.jpg (154379 bytes) marque-day-2005-026.jpg (163107 bytes)
The CitiCab conversion made for the film; "Judge Dread"

marque-day-2005-027.jpg (138741 bytes)
One of the less well attended club stands :-)

Meanwhile, over in the arena
marque-day-2005-030.jpg (143984 bytes) marque-day-2005-031.jpg (133226 bytes)
The Articulation ramp has become something of a tradition here,
marque-day-2005-032.jpg (135170 bytes) marque-day-2005-033.jpg (138435 bytes) marque-day-2005-034.jpg (140309 bytes)
101 Club Shows Officer, Alasdair Worsley demonstrates
that the 101 can hold its own in such tests

Back on the club stand
marque-day-2005-028.jpg (174197 bytes) marque-day-2005-047.jpg (172019 bytes)
Inside the back of a Luxemburg 101 Radio body

and the very rare, part restored powered trailer
from the West East Sahara Expedition:
marque-day-2005-029.jpg (167617 bytes) marque-day-2005-040.jpg (160353 bytes) marque-day-2005-041.jpg (203955 bytes)
marque-day-2005-042.jpg (196814 bytes) marque-day-2005-043.jpg (196093 bytes) marque-day-2005-044.jpg (218410 bytes)

marque-day-2005-038.jpg (267410 bytes)
Taking a well earned rest. L-R
Darren (Luxemburg Radio)
Rob (Radio Body)
Alan (Powered Trailer)