LRO Show

26 - 28 August 2005


One of the more interesting 101s to be seen at Malvern.

The owner and I have a 'little history', which isn't really
appropriate to go into here, however he came up and introduced
himself and I am very happy to be able to say that he's actually
not a bad chap really - and he's certainly made a quite superb job
of this highly modified GS. Nice to have around as is distracts
visitors on the stand from asking the same old questions about Grumble!

The mods are too numerous to list here, but it's based around a 6.5L GM V8,
wheels and tyres same as Grumble and lots (yes, lots) of chequerplate!

I took it for a short spin and it does move equally as well as Grumble!

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A word of caution for those who may be thinking about the Zeus brake conversion

As you'll see, this GS has them front and back, the owner has noticed that even though
they've only been on for a few weeks, three of the discs have cracks...