Float - Warwickshire 2005

Setting off from the old Clifton Arm at Rugby, along the Oxford Canal to Hawkesbury Junction
then up the Coventry Canal to Amington, turn around - and go back!

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Day and night
Hawkesbury Junction

Known over the years as "Sutton Stop", the junction
nestles sleepily in the Longford area of Coventry.
Although quite literally only 300 yards from the very
busy M6 motorway, it affords a peaceful little haven
where the Oxford and Coventry canals meet.

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Martyn & Charlotte ;-)

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Scenes from the Atherstone Locks

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Night (creative) shots moored by the Nature Reserve
between Polesworth and Amington (near Alvecote Priory)

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The old site of the Pooley Hall Colliery Wharf
(Pooley Hall dates from 1509 and is probably the oldest
inhabited building in Warwickshire) Those driving on the M42
(19 miles North of Birmingham) will pass this site
albeit unknowingly.

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Posh new canalside developments.

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Haven't a clue what this is (near Nuneaton)

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Here's the one we had last year...

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General scenes coming back through the
11 Atherstone locks (80 foot drop in total)

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A development waiting to happen?
Probably a 4 Million quid development!

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The stunningly charming British Waterways
works yard at Hartshill.

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Generalesque finishing shots :-)

4 days, 65 miles. Next year we're going to attempt the entire
Warwickshire Ring - using the Kings North route (54 hours)
97 miles, 93 locks!