Eire 2002
Martyn, Charlotte, Max and Grumble relax in Ireland...

General Pics that don't get their own category ;-)

eire-may-2002-general-013.jpg (101610 bytes)
Raring to go...
Grumble on the Sea Cat...

eire-may-2002-general-001.jpg (117055 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-002.jpg (72632 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-003.jpg (80096 bytes)
eire-may-2002-general-004.jpg (81707 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-005.jpg (70771 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-006.jpg (117810 bytes)
The sand dunes at Ballyvaughan bay

eire-may-2002-general-007.jpg (91630 bytes)
A rainbow!
(Yes, it rains
lots in Ireland)

eire-may-2002-general-008.jpg (141829 bytes)
Ireland welcomes
careful drivers...

eire-may-2002-general-009.jpg (108018 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-010.jpg (126503 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-011.jpg (118162 bytes)
Fairly typical roads
through the Burren

eire-may-2002-general-014.jpg (123522 bytes)
Between Kinvara and Ballyvaughan

eire-may-2002-general-015.jpg (88428 bytes)
The view whilst stopped off
for coffee in Connemara

eire-may-2002-general-016.jpg (67958 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-017.jpg (56191 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-018.jpg (57154 bytes)
eire-may-2002-general-019.jpg (56858 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-020.jpg (56475 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-021.jpg (72694 bytes)
The beach at Renvyle

eire-may-2002-general-027.jpg (89359 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-022.jpg (87438 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-024.jpg (87968 bytes)
Castle ruins at Renvyl

eire-may-2002-general-023.jpg (61687 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-025.jpg (138836 bytes) eire-may-2002-general-026.jpg (112254 bytes)
Views into Galway Bay from Renvyle

eire-may-2002-general-028.jpg (127389 bytes)
Typical view from The Burren

eire-may-2002-general-012.jpg (160812 bytes)
Dublin - World Cup Fever!

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