Eire 2002
Martyn, Charlotte, Max and Grumble relax in Ireland...

eire-may-2002-cottage-008.jpg (114219 bytes)
Our little 'base camp'
in the heart of The Burren

eire-may-2002-cottage-001.jpg (96581 bytes) eire-may-2002-cottage-002.jpg (135111 bytes) eire-may-2002-cottage-003.jpg (136313 bytes)
After a day, the fire warmed the cottage
for the rest of the week!

eire-may-2002-cottage-004.jpg (131880 bytes) eire-may-2002-cottage-005.jpg (112521 bytes) eire-may-2002-cottage-006.jpg (110765 bytes)
eire-may-2002-cottage-007.jpg (99618 bytes) eire-may-2002-cottage-009.jpg (204804 bytes) eire-may-2002-cottage-010.jpg (105546 bytes)
Various views of the, erm, 'views' and the
HUGE garden that Max loved to ickle bits!

eire-may-2002-cottage-011.jpg (131905 bytes)
Grumble - happy!

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