Eire 2002
Martyn, Charlotte, Max and Grumble relax in Ireland...

The Burren Perfumery

It seems less 'odd', when you know that 'The Burren' (rocky land) has
such a wealth of wonderful flora and fauna, that tucked away near Carron - in
the heights of the rocky 'nothingness', one may find the home of the
Burren Perfumery

Yes, it's a trek - but it's worth it
and remember to take your Credit Card
as you'll not want, but need to buy from their shop!

None of their natrually produced scents and superb
smellies are tested on animals and they're a remarkably
nice bunch of folk who do have such a feel for the
natural co-existence with their environment.  We liked them!

The following pics are from their 'garden' and also
represent the first time I've used the Macro feature
of my digital camera!

eire-may-2002-burren-001.jpg (83390 bytes)    eire-may-2002-burren-002.jpg (90012 bytes)

eire-may-2002-burren-003.jpg (66958 bytes)    eire-may-2002-burren-004.jpg (91287 bytes)

eire-may-2002-burren-005.jpg (207520 bytes)    eire-may-2002-burren-006.jpg (76861 bytes)

eire-may-2002-burren-007.jpg (86434 bytes)

eire-may-2002-burren-008.jpg (90393 bytes)

eire-may-2002-burren-009.jpg (170116 bytes)

A raindrop...

eire-may-2002-burren-010.jpg (185252 bytes) eire-may-2002-burren-011.jpg (177088 bytes)

eire-may-2002-burren-012.jpg (216353 bytes)

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