Eire 2002
Martyn, Charlotte, Max and Grumble relax in Ireland...


Advertised widely as the Premier Irish Show Cave
there are many better - but not suited to become a
tourist attraction!  The Ailwee Caves, notwithstanding are superb.

Obviously, being a cave complex, piccies tend to be a little dark...

eire-may-2002-ailwee-001.jpg (58564 bytes) eire-may-2002-ailwee-002.jpg (82692 bytes) eire-may-2002-ailwee-003.jpg (103794 bytes)
but I got a couple!   :-)

eire-may-2002-ailwee-004.jpg (96821 bytes)
The views from up there
were pretty good too...

eire-may-2002-ailwee-005.jpg (88635 bytes)
I got this pic because of the
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull feel.
(if you don't know, don't ask...)

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