Roll of Fame :-)

Banner Ads

I generally hate those
tedious 'Ads by Google'
but to be honest, they
have helped raise about
£60 here so far.

Each time a visitor clicks
on the 'ad', it contributes
about 3p to 5p - go on,

Don't forget you can also
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Many thanks...

Mass appreciation to the following:

G N SHARP		Richard Brookman
Chris Wood		Helen Parker
Derek Watts		Frank Elson
Nigel Ince		Colin Reed
Austin Shackles		Richard Chamberlain
Graham Gleed		Emma Pickett
Dave Gibbs		Robert Miller
Nicholas Grote		David Stanley
Adrian Loader		Carl Hill
Norman Robertson	Jamie Macfarlane
David Hamilton		Alison Tucker
Jania Peck		Malcolm Clark
Gerry Harrison		Joanne Cotton
Fiona Curson		Janice White
Tom Woods		Kevin Foote
John Aldridge		Khalid Manzoor
Colin O'Grady		Paul Burns
Graham Haskett		Joe McLean
John Mill		John Botten

and a slap in the face to:

Mrs B Scott (eBay id: terrorscott) of Edinburgh - who didn't want to pay, ignored repeated requests and only (eventually) sent a cheque after I reported her to eBay as a non-payer. She then left me Negative feedback!