Billing 2001 - Video

Various Video clips taken at Billing 2001

These video clips are in .asf format.
This is a proprietory 'standard' (sic) of Microsoft, and
as a consequence, these can only be viewed on a Micro$oft
machine with their 'media player' (sic, again).
If I am ever able to convert them to .mpg or even .avi
(which at least will prove to be a better archive format
given that even Mickysoft are to abandon .asf) then I'll
replace all of the footage accordingly.

There are 5 areas of video clips as follows:

  • Showground: Various sweeps etc taken during the show
  • 101 Forward Control Club and Register: Stand and Arena footage
  • Off Road: Various clips taken at Richard Arrowshith's excellent off road course
  • Timelapse: Me playing! Probably by far the best part of this site!
  • Personal: Boring and "in" stuff from the campsite mainly.

    Please feel free to use any of these pictures or video clips if you wish, but accredit and acknowledge the photographer (me)! :-)

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