The Gaydon Car Park!

And the only real off-roading I've done for months!...

4 short clips in poxy .asf format which isn't supported on anything other than Windoze boxes.  If anyone knows how to convert these to .mpg please let me know.  I'd even settle for .avi - at least I could look at them on a Linux box without having to bring up a VMware Win98 session just to view them (Grrr... mumbles summat about world domaination and non-standard standards...) :-(

1. A brief sweep over the Car Park   (97K)
2. Rich Claftons' excellent 'Tiggurr'   (1,889K)
3. More Tiggurr - and some adoration!   (1,041K)
4. Sad. The off-road course at Gaydon!   (17,874K)